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So You Want To Run a Radio Station?

Made on 2022/11/29

A tutorial on how to set up your very own internet radio station.


The first thing to do when setting up a radio station is to figure out what you want to play. You can do what I did for the first several months of operating my first station, which is to mash together a bunch of your favorite songs into a single playlist. This worked out pretty good for me, as I essentially had a 24/7 playlist of the music I like listening to.

You can also look at your local radio market and find a format you like that doesn't exist. This is what I did when making The River and Pulse. If you like a genre of music that no station in your area plays, or if you have an interest in independent artists that likely won't hit the Billboard charts, find a handful of songs and make a playlist. My recommendation for playlist length would be around 24-28 hours of content at a minimum. With a radio station, "The More, The Better" definitely applies.

Something else you can figure out is branding. While I didn't have branding for either of my stations for a good while, I eventually decided that I needed a way to refer to my stations besides "my station" and "my other station". If you have issues coming up with branding, try looking to the genre of music you play. This is what I did with, a station that plays alternative music. You can use words that describe the music you play, the approach I took with Pulse. You can also look at your geographical area. I have a river close by, which is how The River got its name.

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