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Web Buttons and Awards

A page where I put awards for this site and some 88x31 buttons I've made. Also includes the buttons of sites I like.

Made With Pride Buttons

Suggest a button by emailing with the subject "Pride button suggestion". Click on a button to download it.

Made With Pride! Made With Lesbian Pride! Made With Bisexual Pride! Made With Trans Pride! Made With Agender Pride! Made With Aromantic Pride! Made With Asexual Pride! Made With Intersex Pride! Made With Gay Pride! Made With Non-Binary Pride! Made With Pansexual Pride!

Other Self-Made Buttons The MillieCam ByteTalk

External Site Buttons

The buttons for sites I like. PajamaFrix wired sound for wired people The 10KB gallery ASCO It's Ya Boy Pedro Quesadilla Wizard finally happy RosemaryWalten Lime360 Hotline Cafe DatGuy RKSmith SparkleLolliPop Wetware Lulu in Cyberspace Alf's Tapedeck Dee Lightyears Yue's Space of Chaos Meowbark ZenCorner


View my plant and other people's plants on the Webgarden page.


Awards this site has been given. Images link to the site of presenter of the award.

ItsYaBoyPedro's Inspiration Award

Viatrix's ISO 8601 Award

Sites I've Awarded

I give the Millie Award to sites I like. View the sites I've awarded here!

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