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The Photograpgy Gallery

I'm a little bit of a photography nerd, I love cats, and I really love sunset pictures and malls. Here's some images I've captured.

NOTE: I won't send Pixsy after you, but uncredited use of my images is something I won't be happy with. If you would like to use an image for commercial use or in a publication, message me via e-mail.

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A Trip To Sioux Falls - A collection of pictures taken in Sioux Falls, shot on a Sony Mavica.

A Trip To The Park - A collection of pictures at a local park taken during the fall. This page compares my Sony Mavica FD7 to my Sony A6000.

A Rural Midwestern Outing - A collection of small-town stores in rural Iowa, taken on a Sony Mavica.

Crossroads Mall - A gallery of images of the Crossroads Mall in Omaha, NE, taken during my visit on January 11, 2020. [Hosted externally]

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