A Trip To Sioux Falls

My grandmother and I made a little trip up to Sioux Falls on December 1st, 2023. Copying what I did with my Midwest Outing gallery, I took my Sony Mavica FD7 and photographed some fitting environments.

Here's the results.

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The Philips Avenue Diner in downtown Sioux Falls. The building is a shiny 1950's railcar diner with a brick addition. The sign for the Philips Avenue Diner. "Philips Avenue" is written in cursive, and "DINER" is spelt vertically in neon. A neon border surrounds the sign. A table and chairs in the Philips Avenue Diner. The table has a  brown texture top with silver trim and the chairs have a red-brown vinyl cover with silver trim. The inner door of the Philips Avenue Diner. The door is shiny silver, and has an oval window in the middle. The bar at the Philips Avenue Diner. The bar has a brown-textured top with silver siding, the chairs are bar stools with brown vinyl cushioning and silver accents. The kitchen window and a fridge for drinks is in the background The side wall of an enterance to an antique store. Windows line the wall, giving a glimpse to the black-light lit insides. Inside is a globe and two hanging objects. The outside is painted dark green with light green accents. An antiques store. Cabinets and shelves house small collectibles, while larger collectibles are on the floor. A wooden storage cabinet in an antiques store. On top sits an ice cream storage container. A room in an antiques store, housing wall-mounted collectibles. Old pinball tables sit in the midle of the room. A look at the pinball tables. Both tables shown originate from the 1930's. A sign reminds you to play nice. A large manual cash register. The front of Dauby's Sports Center. The storefront is made of brick, with a large sign consisting of a woodgrain background, white cursive "Daubys" text,  and light brown sans-serif "Sports Center" text. The outside storefront of the Empire Mall JCPenny's. Brick, dark wood, and white paint make up the storefront. The sign for Spink Family Restaurant in Elk Point, SD. An under-exposed picture of a dining room in the Spink Family Restaurant. While it's hard to see, tables and chairs sit in the middle, with string lights hanging on the walls. Another dining area in the Spink Family Restaurant. Woodgrain panelling lines the walls. A brown table is shown, two dark brown chairs with black frames are on opposite sides of the table. A storage cabinet in the Spink Family Restaurant. The cabinet is painted red, and the doors are painted blue. A white countertop sits on the bottom storage cabinet. The top two cabinets have string lights around the border.

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