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Sony Mavica Images

This page contains images taken using either a Sony Mavica FD7 or FD100.

Note: To see an image in full-size, click on it.

Mavica FD100 - Dillards Wing in the Oak View Mall (Omaha, NE) Sophie and Millie, both on the couch Millie, sleeping in a relatively weird position A bridge at the local park Millie on my Thinkpad (aka a chonker on a chonker) Millie, chillin on the couch Millie and sophie, next to each other on my bed A stray street cat Millie in a box Millie, sleeping on my bed Millie, sitting weird Some white, puffy clouds over a field A picture of the nearby grocery store, in all of its glorious 90s style The enterance sign of the Oak View Mall in Omaha, NE. The food court sign of the Oak View Mall. The neon sign is unlit, and overlooks the seating area. A mostly empty corridor of the Oak View Mall. The women's clothing section in the Oak View's Dillards. The clothes, and the interior of the store, look straight out of the 90's. A display case in Dillards. A manequin is wearing a neon green summer dress, while another manequin is wearing white pants with a baby pink tropical shirt. A small section of appliances in Dillards. The appliances are in a 1960's style. A table with retro-styled coolers in Dillards.
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