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Kodak DC210 Plus Zoom Images

This page contains images taken using a Kodak DC210 Plus Zoom.

Note: To see an image in full-size, click on it.

Millie sitting on the sofa The produce section at a local grocery store An image of grills in a local farming goods store, with a wall of gloves in the background Millie sitting on the sofa, looking towards her back A corn field on a hill Trees on a hill next to a parking lot A local gas station with beige and wood panelling walls Millie laying on my bed, sleeping on her side Millie laying on my bed, sleeping on her side while slightly curled Booths at the Machine Shed in Urbandale, IA A few empty dining tables against a wall with pictures An empty dining table, with an illustration of an old tractor on the wall A room of empty dining tables The front of the Waveland Cafe in Des Moines, IA The beverage bar of the Waveland Cafe An abandoned gas station The Food Pride Cafe An aisle sign in Food Pride The 'Frozen Foods' sign in Food Pride Shelves of potatoes at Food Pride The deli counter at Food Pride The Food Pride Customer Service desk A grocery store produce refrigerator Shelves of bread at a grocery store A grocery store home goods aisle A greetings card display
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