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Fujifilm Finepix A200 Images

This page contains images taken using a Fujifilm Finepix A200.

Note: To see an image in full-size, click on it.

Millie on the couch, laying on top of a magazine. Millie on the couch, laying on top of a couple magazines. Millie laying on my bed with a keyboard behind her. MMillie sitting in front of a cubbard door. She looks like she's begging. Millie sitting in a small box. Sophie sleeping in an oversized bed. Millie on the couch, with a Woodsmith magazine next to her. Millie laying in an oversized bed. Millie lying on my tie-dye sweatshirt. The Dairy Queen in Denison, IA. The building is the original 50's / 60's Dairy Queen design. The sign for the Denison, IA Dairy Queen. The studio for KNOD-FM in Harlan, IA. An alternate view of the Harlan Shopko.
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