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A Rural Midwestern Outing

I decided to take my Sony Mavica FD7 on a short road trip to a couple stores somewhat close to me. The rural midwest isn't the most well known for keeping up with the times, meaning you can get some pretty authentic pictures with older digital cameras. That's what I've done here.

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A local gas station, with wood paneling for walls and fluorescent lighting. In-wall freezers at a gas station, with wood panelling around the glass door. The front enterance of a grocery store. The inside of a grocery store, with high ceilings and warm fluorescent lighting. A produce cooler at a grocery store. A deli counter at a grocery store. The soda aisle at a grocery store, with large bottles and 12-packs of soda. A pegboard at a grocery store with various craft items. A snack and freezer aisle at a grocery store. An aisle with various healthcare and home goods items. A shelf with greeting cards. A shopping cart corral. A freezer with meat and cheese products. A sign with the Piccadilly Pizza logo. A gas station with tile flooring and in-ceiling fluorescent lighting. A cabinet with a sign reading 'Fresh Baked Pastries'. The cabinet is mostly empty. A picture of downtown Ida Grove, IA. A picture of downtown Ida Grove, IA, shot in the opposite direction. A picture of a five and dime store, with warm fluorescent lighting. A toy aisle with tall flowers standing on a shelf in the middle. A shelf with sewing thread. The shelf has wood panelling on the sides, and green acryllic planes on the side. An aisle of house goods, with glass shelves holding mugs and signs. Shelves with signs on a wall with wood panelling. A pegboard with various craft items. The storefront of a Hardware Hank hardware store. An image inside the hardware store, with various shelves containing various items. An image of a hardware store's paint counter, with a shelf containing house cleaning products in the middle. A shot of downtown Ida Grove, taken slightly farther down the street. The hallway of a small shopping center. The outside of the shopping center, with a large sign reading 'The Mall' on the front of the building. The front of a Food Pride grocery store. The Food Pride deli counter. The Food Pride Cafe The produce section, with a large sign above reading 'Garden Produce'. A shelf with onions and potatoes. Aisle 7 of the Food Pride, with freezers lining the aisle. Toy vending machines in the Food Pride enterance.
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