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Radio Stuff

Various things relating to radio.

Amateur Radio - Various things related to amateur radio.

Bandscans - A list of radio stations received from different areas.

DX Logs - Radio stations received well outside the intended listening area.

The Radio Collection - Some of the radios I have in my collection.

Stereo Tool Presets - A collection of Stereo Tool presets I've made or modified.

Neocities Radio

A list of internet radio stations owned and operated by Neocities members.

Plain Text - A plain text list of the stations. Features station website, Neocities profile, and direct stream link.

M3U Playlist - A playlist version for players such as Winamp, VLC, and MPV.

Radio Websites

Here's some websites and blogs I've found related to the world of radio.

How to Start a Radio Station - A guide by Live365 on how to start a radio station. Mainly applies to a radio station with on-air talent, but a lot of the content applies to internet radio in general.

Engineering Radio - A blog maintained by a broadcast engineer. - A website useful for getting information on a radio station. - A website with many useful resources for figuring out what radio station you're listening to. I use them for the single frequency map.

NorthPine - A website featuring news and trivia about broadcasting in the midwest.

Old Radio World - A website with information on old radio shows, mainly pre-1960.

Part 15 Lab - A blog highlighting Part 15 (unlicensed) radio stations.

RadioInsight - A website featuring radio industry news.

RadioMuseum - A website that's useful for finding information on older radios.

Radio Survivor - A blog highlighting school and community radio stations. Also features radio and podcasting news, as well as the Radio Survivor podcast.

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